Who is a song of your life? As song goes far, still lingering sound curl upwards  

Move very near with company, exquisite woman recently (I say, have to her one love novel the prevailing word was very suitable for her in recent years once, named " the cigarette depends on charmingly it is all right " ),All of us belong to the husband in the other places, manage the person of life alone by oneself, half of life is the marriage, it is single that half is. Whom we live in too very near, work overtime getting late every day, can take train of her come back home by the way, have a chat about some scattered things during that time, are mostly about the emotion. The ones that forgave us are trifling, it is the man's achievement to look on as the undertaking, but the love is the woman's undertaking.

One day, we have a chat get one topic, when is love most beautiful with deserve aftertasting most?

Is it the hands holding you at time when the disaster will come? Is it ground Say yes of deep love of one quarter which puts on the wedding gauze kerchief? Become old taking the rocking chair slowly?

Yes, all these are very romantic, very touching too, however, it is not the most beautiful one quarter.

Love most beautiful, when being dim, say that time when has not explaining also forever forever.

The love is the most beautiful, swayed by considerations of gain or loss mixing, miss and expect, sad with happy half-and-half mental states forever.

And the one that is most worth aftertasting, is often those stories not finished.

Let love stop on love, let aroused in interest to stop on aroused in interest. Then happen to meet your smiling expression in one's eyes while only remembering lifting the head a certain noon, then quarrel, cold war, injury   All is too late to can't bear to happen, then know, China always goes that year, or some could be freeze beautifulled.

That is a song in your heart, will only chant lightly low at unmanned moment and sing. As the melody sounds, time flies and rotates, all realistic backgrounds are concealed fuzzily slowly, there is only a flower, in full bloom bit by bit in the heart, there is only a smile, burst forth by your lip silently  

Who once left a song in your life? Ignore the final result to know OK.

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