There is a theoretical fable: Four old man cherish different hope go, pay homage to immortal, they wind meal Luis night, cross over mountain after mountain, defy to move immortals dangerously, fearless of difficulty, devoutly at last, then the immortal has met them. The immortal asks; You come to celestial circle from afar, what wishes are there to realize? Old person says first: His poverty in all one's life, seek only to be rich, it spends rich day. It is difficult that the immortal has any to say this, teach you that some beans become the gold skill, inexhaustible, do not use it to the limit; Old person's second is said: He is tired to seek only to spend the day when lives in ease and comfort easily all one's life. The immortal says this is easy too, grant you a palace, make you have car and horse to walk, have silk beds to go to bed, the clothing comes to stretch out one's hand, open one's mouth; Old person says third: He is burdened with, becomes old and weak before one's age, the longevity that seek only, ask and grant the skill that prolongs life. The immortal says: This is more easy, grant a drop of gold of your redly, protect your long life for one hundred years old; And the fourth old person, he does not ask one richly and powerfully, does not ask the emolument of longevity, make a sightseeing tour with the close friend of Third Five-Year Plan Period, talks animatedly cordially, on daytime by disappearing forever, wishing the foot. Immortal listen to, greatly surprised to say: Such the easy and carefree life, even I can not enjoy, what must your ordinary person have this extravagant hope! It is obvious that there is a good mood every day, it is the greatest happiness in life!
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