GUANGDONG will take the lead in the country to employ migrant workers as public servants, who commonly come from higher up the social ladder.

County governments throughout the province will recruit 50 migrant workers through examinations this year, said a statement issued by the province’s human resources department Tuesday.

Shenzhen planned to hire 10 migrants, the biggest number among provincial cities.

The recruits would work in district institutions serving workers, women and youth, and subdistrict government offices, according to the notice.

Applicants must be under 35, have at least three years of college education and have worked in the recruiting city for more than three years.

Public servants topped a happiness index report in employment delight by Jiangsu TV in April.

The research spanned three months and covered a sample of 15,000 employees throughout the country.

Budget reports issued by four Central Government ministries in March revealed that a large sum of taxpayers’ money was used for housing subsidies for officials.

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Shenzhen was the first city in China to reclassify civil servants away from their old official positions, which granted special privileges and life tenure in their jobs.

This reform was expected to stimulate work enthusiasm for civil servants and break the “iron rice bowl” of guaranteed jobs.