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There is a good mood every day

Posted by amylung on Friday, August 14, 2009, In : life 
      There is a theoretical fable: Four old man cherish different hope go, pay homage to immortal, they wind meal Luis night, cross over mountain after mountain, defy to move immortals dangerously, fearless of difficulty, devoutly at last, then the immortal has met them. The immortal asks; You come to celestial circle from afar, what wishes are there to realize? Old person says first: His poverty in all one's life, seek only to be rich, it spends rich day. It is difficult that the immortal h...
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Who is a song of your life

Posted by amylung on Friday, August 7, 2009, In : life 
Who is a song of your life? As song goes far, still lingering sound curl upwards  

Move very near with company, exquisite woman recently (I say, have to her one love novel the prevailing word was very suitable for her in recent years once, named " the cigarette depends on charmingly it is all right " ),All of us belong to the husband in the other places, manage the person of life alone by oneself, half of life is the marriage, it is single that half is. Whom we live in too very near, work ove...
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